[Parution] North African Poetry in French

“North African Poetry in French”, Yale French Studies, numbers 137 & 138, edited by Thomas C. Connolly, 2021

ISBN: 9780300250374
Publication Date: February 23, 2021


Number 137/138 in Yale French Studies: this collection of essays examines poetry in French by authors from across the Maghreb

Although in recent years Maghrebi literature written in French has enjoyed increased critical attention, less attention has been paid specifically to the genre of poetry. The sixteen essays collected in this special issue of Yale French Studies show how the poem provides a uniquely privileged perspective from which to examine questions relating to aesthetics, linguistics, philosophy, history, autobiography, gender, the visual arts, colonial and postcolonial society and politics, and issues relating to the post-Arab Spring.

Thomas C. Connolly is associate professor of French at Yale University, specializing in nineteenth- and twentieth-century poetry. He is the author of Paul Celan’s Unfinished Poetics: Readings in the Sous-Oeuvre.

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