[Parution] André du Bouchet : Poetic Forms of Attention

Emma Wagstaff, André du Bouchet : Poetic Forms of Attention, Leiden, Brill, collection monographique Rodopi en Littérature française contemporaine, vol. 58, 2020.

229 p.
978-90-04-42714-3 (Hardback)
978-90-04-43288-8 (E-Book)

In André du Bouchet: Poetic Forms of Attention, Emma Wagstaff provides the first book-length study in English of this major poet of the second half of the twentieth century. She shows how Du Bouchet’s rigorous and innovative creative and critical writing advances our understanding of attention.

Du Bouchet is known as a post-war poet of the natural world and the space of the page. Far from just a solitary writer, however, he engaged with others through his work as editor, critic, and translator, and his involvement in the protests of May 1968. Emma Wagstaff shows how his writing demonstrates nuanced attention to language, time, nature, and art, and incites a ‘slow’ response on the part of the reader.

Emma Wagstaff is Senior Lecturer in French at the University of Birmingham. Her research focuses on modern and contemporary French poetry and on the interactions between literature and the visual arts in France.  

Emma Wagstaff est maîtresse de conférences à l’université de Birmingham, Angleterre, où elle poursuit des recherches dans les domaines de la poésie moderne et contemporaine, et les relations entre la littérature et les arts plastiques.


Table des matières :

Chapter One : Du Bouchet and his Poetic Context
Chapter Two : Du Bouchet’s Contributions to the Review l’Éphémère
L’Éphémère and the Twentieth-Century French Literary Review
L’Éphémère and 1968
‘« Sous les pavés, la plage » Notes du [     ] mai 1968’
The Form of l’Éphémère
Chapter Three : Poetry and Pauses
The Material World
Time in the Texts
Forms of Temporal Attention
‘Soutiré à un futur’
Chapter Four : Tensions and Translation
Foreignness and Relation
‘Notes sur la traduction’
‘Lit de neige’
Chapter Five : Criticism and Slowness
Du Bouchet Critic
Art Writing
Du Bouchet’s Slow Art Writing
De plusieurs déchirements dans les parages de la peinture
Chapter Six : A Life Writing
Autobiography and Projects
Rewriting the Carnets           
Rewriting Published Texts
‘À l’arrêt’
A Note on Translation
Poetry’s role?

DOI : https://doi.org/10.1163/9789004432888

[Cet article est publié grâce à l’information transmise par notre correspondante pour la Grande-Bretagne, Emma Wagstaff]



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