[Parution] The Lyric Subject. A Reconceptualization

Varja Balžalorsky Antić, The Lyric Subject. A Reconceptualization, Berlin, Berne, Bruxelles, New York, Oxford, Varsovie, Vienne, Peter Lang, 2022.

310 p.

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ISBN : 9783631833636

« This book interrogates the concept of the subject in the poem, against the broader background of literary-theoretical issues related to the lyric subject. Specifically, what kind of subject is the subject in the poem? What relation does it have to other forms of subjectivation that human beings experience in their life practices? What is its singularity?

« The Lyric Subject is a most impressive achievement: a shrewd evaluation of a wide range of writings (philosophical, linguistic, literary) bearing on the question of the lyric subject. With myriad poetic examples, Varja Balzˇalorsky Antic´ develops a rich, multileveled mapping of the various forms of subjectivity and agency in the lyric. » (Jonathan Culler, Professor Emeritus at Cornell University, Ithaca, New York).

Varja Balzˇalorsky Antic´ is a Slovenian literary theorist, poetess, and translator, currently teaching at the Universities of Ljubljana and Maribor. Her main research fields include theory of the lyric, poetry of 20th and 21st centuries, women’s writing, and Medieval French literature.

Table des matières:

Part I 

Chapter 1 The Question of Discourse: Toward a Literary Discourse

Chapter 2 The Question of the Subject in Philosophy and Social Sciences

Chapter 3 The Question of the Lyric

Part II 

Chapter 4 A Note on Terminology

Chapter 5 Historical Fragments: Two Tendencies

Chapter 6 The Lyric Subject in Modern Literary Theory

Chapter 7 Modern Views on the Subject of the Poem

Part III 

Chapter 8 The Process of the Text and Subjectifying: An Initial Sketch

Chapter 9 Ricœur’s Dialectic of Ipse and Idem in the Lyric Persona

Chapter 10 A Rereading of Bakhtin’s Theses About Poetry

Chapter 11 Ducrot’s Polyphonic Theory of Enunciation

Chapter 12 Benveniste: Subjectifying in Language

Chapter 13 Henri Meschonnic’s Poetics of Discourse

Chapter 14 The Nonegological Theories of the Individual

Part IV 

Chapter 15 The Poetic Subject and Subject Configuration of the Poem

Chapter 16 Case Study 1: The Poetic Subject in Troubadour Poetry

Chapter 17 Case Study 2: Analysis of the Poetic Subject in Henri Michaux’s Poem “The Slowed Down”

Chapter 18 Recapitulation and Systematization of Subject Configuration


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